Online sport booking platform

Find out how is it possible to book appointment online at your club?

Online calendars for clubs

Every Court has its own online calendar, which can be used privately for invited users or publicly for everyone.

Rapid speed

The operation of the system is optimized for speed. Create your calendar as a club or book in a few seconds as an athlete.

BooGoSport can be used as a dual-hybrid system

1. Public use:

1a) Your athletes can book an online appointment as well as you as an admin.

2a) The courts may also function as private courts, so only athletes who have a private invitation, like a kind of permit, can book an appointment.
Moreover, since you can specify private or public access per court, you can set some of your courts to be bookable only for certain athletes (club members), while other courts can be fully public and bookable for anyone who is a registered athlete user.

2. Private use: in this case only you, the admin, can book appointmentss and administer the bookings. Athletes will be left with the channels they used to book (phone, personal, email).

Currently available Court Admin Extensions

    • e-mail notification with a list of candidates for group trainings before the start of the training
    • notification emails sent with a custom email template
    • custom athlete settings (up to how many hours they can book in 24 hours, how many days they can see in the calendar …, expandable)
    • individual price adjustability (eg the athlete had only 1 hour instead of 2 hours, the amount paid can be changed afterwards)
    • excel export of bookings (export of 1-31 day bookings with detailed data)
    • online payment for athletes (credit card payment option for athletes at the time of booking with BARION)
    • online invoicing with the Billsoft invoicing system. (Automatically create an invoice and email the Athlete after the Athlete’s credit card payment)
    • multi admin users (multiple administrators can be assigned to the account, so superadmin, editor admin and spectator admin roles can be assigned)
    • excel import of athletes (uploadability of an internal customer database with extra data for private operation)

BooGoSport as a community

Our community is constantly expanding so we can provide the widest and highest quality of sports services for you.

Always up to date

What you will get is a transparent booking dashboard that is easy to keep up to date.

Some features to highlight

Extended court bookings can be created with enhanced functionality, with mass deactivation options for appointments such as events. In case of group trainings multiple athletes can sign up for an appointment, the participants of which can be quickly viewed in the admin calendar.

Using the Bookings view of the calendar, you can see the booked appointments of all the courts on a given day at the same time, so you can also visually view the booking schedule of the courts.

The Live calendar view provides a minute-by-minute update of the bookings views of all the courts, which can even be projected on a central big screen, so you can see the current bookings in the club at all time.

The main benefit of the system is that the Extensions can be requested to customize the functionality. This gives you the option to use only the extras in addition to the basic features and pay only for what you really need.

In addition, we are constantly expanding this list, even based on individual needs, so if you feel that only 1-2 things are missing for you to work optimally, feel free to contact us and we will process your request.

Track your booking

You will be notified if you are a service provider or an athlete and you can view your current or recent bookings any time in your account.

Invitation system

You can invite your customers, your students or your guests to the system easily so the community can grow faster

Put your club’s booking to a whole new level!

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